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Juane Candice Perese Petite Stack Earrings

Moe Moe

Hand drawn, and then digitised – each tiny stroke of colour was illustrated with pencil by Greenhouse Interiors Artist Candice Perese herself! A beautiful eclectic chaos of colour and clashing forms come together to create earrings that are harmonious and so happy they make you smile just looking at them. Unbelievably lightweight, (SERIOUSLY, just 9 grams each!) you’ll forget you’re even wearing them until somebody tells you how fabulous your earrings are! 

wear these earrings over 20 different ways by flipping each tile to show brushed silver alloy OR restack them in alternative order!

each of the three panels has been designed to be worn individually if you choose to, simply remove two of the tiles!  

sterling silver stud posts and butterfly backs 

7cm long including hook, 2cm wide 

9 grams each 


Australian Made on the Gold Coast