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Wild Kate Mayes Organic Shape Drop Earrings

Moe Moe

The Organic Shape Drop Earrings are a special little piece of imperfect-perfectness, which makes them extra-wonderful! These fabulous little earlobe flutterers will be a fantastic addition to your earring collection for all the times you need something that little bit extra in your morning! 

Just as eclectic as they are edgy 

Taken from Kate Mayes original art titled Zerothe Wild range is full of abstract lilacs and earthy greens punctuated with washes of white all painted together in perfect colour palette harmony

Reversible silver alloy panels have artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other - choose which way to wear them!  

Sterling silver short hooks  

7.6 cm long including hook x 4.2 cm wide 

5.3 grams each 

Australian Made on the Gold Coast